Ascension St. John Veteran Recognition Program

Posted on March 1, 2023.

To honor those who have served in our military, Ascension St. John was proud to launch the first phase of its Veteran Recognition Program over Memorial Day weekend in 2019 as part of the Ascension National initiative to recognize and pay tribute to the local servicemen and women we serve at our facilities. “Our associates are honored to fulfill our Mission of service to those who have served our nation,” says Ramona Miller, Ascension Medical Group Chief Operating Officer and Administrative Dyad Leader of the Ascension Medical Group. Miller was active duty in the Air Force for six years and later served 21 years in the Oklahoma Air National Guard. As a medic, Miller worked in the emergency department at a 1,500-bed Air Force hospital. Upon admission, associates in Registration and, in some cases, associates in nursing, ask if the patient is a veteran. Patients are asked if they would like to be recognized with an American flag patient bracelet, and, if assigned a room, if an American flag magnet may be placed on the veteran’s door. Upon the patient’s consent, Ascension St. John provides these symbols of recognition, and to date, has provided more than 5,000 flag patient bracelets to veterans.

Our clinicians and associates who provide care for our veterans strive to create a welcoming, calm and peaceful environment—to help them know they are respected and appreciated. Part of this process includes asking what we can do to alleviate stress inducers such as sounds, smells, or other sensory items, and how we can provide a calming experience with offerings such as music, pet therapy, open or closed curtains, and other stress soothers. As we encounter veterans in our hospitals, as Associates, we strive to treat them with courtesy and respect—and remember to thank our veterans for their service to our country to help protect and preserve our freedom.

Phase II of the Veteran Recognition Program was initiated in the fall of 2019 to honor our associates and volunteers who have served in the military by distributing pins that attach to their ID badges, making it clearly visible to other associates and patients that we recognize and value our veteran Associates. We were also honored to provide a Veteran’s Day Breakfast to our Associate veterans to meet and engage with each other. After the breakfast, about 20 Associates, both veterans and nonveterans, braved sleet and sub-freezing wind chill to participate in Tulsa’s 101st Veterans Day Parade through downtown Tulsa. Despite the inclement weather, it was an honor and a privilege to participate alongside about 75 other organizations and groups in showing gratitude and appreciation for the many veterans in the Tulsa area who have proudly served their country. Ascension St. John is deeply appreciative of our patients and Associates for their service.

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